About the Project

Gray Oak Pipeline

Gray Oak will be a new pipeline built and operated by Phillips 66, spanning from the West Texas Permian Basin to the Gulf Coast. The pipeline will create reliable access to crude oil in the region, bringing more growth to the Texas energy industry. The current pipeline route will run 850 miles from the Permian to Corpus Christi. It will also connect to market centers in Sweeny and Freeport, Texas.

Gray Oak will help new energy being found and produced in Texas get to refineries, manufacturers and, ultimately, consumers.

Today, transporting oil from the Permian Basin presents many challenges. Supplies are often bottlenecked and shipped by truck. Gray Oak means more oil will be transported by pipeline, providing refineries in Texas and abroad with access to U.S. oil. The Gray Oak Pipeline project supports continued production growth in the Permian Basin and will improve the state economy.

The pipeline is expected to be in service by the end of 2019. Please stay tuned for progress updates in the months ahead.

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